Innovative IT Service Monitoring & Management

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Ceeview monitors, measures and analyzes all aspects of an IT Service to ensure high service availability.
It will help you understand users’ experience as well as service and infrastructure behavior.

Ceeview Application Preview
Status Icon

Status of Availability

With Ceeview you get a quick status of availability and response times of the IT services. You will see how services perform right now and how they have behaved historically.
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Performance Icon

IT Services Performance

Although a service in most cases works satisfactorily, it is vital to quickly detect, identify and rectify situations where there are deviations from the normal situation.
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Response Time Icon

IT Services Response Time

When response times exceed a predefined threshold value or there are problems with IT infrastructure, the relevant personnel will be alerted via email or SMS so that they can quickly resolve the issue
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Drill Down Icon

Data Drill Down

Ceeview provides “drill down” capabilities to locate bottlenecks and identify areas where corrective actions are needed.
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Service Availability Widget

Service Availability

Measure and analyse Services to understand users’ perception of individual services for timely execution of duties. Green (up) indicates the number of services functioning OK, while red (down) shows the number of services where it takes too long to carry out tasks in the “application” or that the service is unavailable.
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Service Infrastructure Widget

Service Infrastructure

Status or “health” of IT infrastructure that services depend on, for example servers, databases and networks. The health helps you quickly identify elements that are not functioning optimally. These will require immediate attention to avoid reduction in service response time and availability.
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Service Level Agreement Widget

Service Level Agreement

Status of monitored Service Level Agreements (SLA). The SLA is an agreement between the service provider and the customer stating the requirements for service delivery. Status icons continuosly show at all time if conditions are met or not. Green indicates the number of SLAs in compliance, while red shows the number of breached SLAs.
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Service Desk

Service Desk

Registration of events and deviations for tracking issues. A single point of contact (SPOC) between a company and its customers, employees and business partners. Here you can create and follow cases from the time of registration through examination, resolution and closure.
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